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    - ANSI Z-26 - US Safety Standard
    - AS 2208
    - Australian Standard
    - BS 6206 CLASS
    - UK Standard

Switchable Glass

Orientop "Smart glass" brings the future closer by contributing the unique technology into our traditional surroundings- walls, windows, shopfront and home appliances.

Our unique technology enables us to embed liquid crystal films in various shapes into thin glass windows and create in-window blinds that can be controlled to achieve different levels of transparency, opening animation and support for unconventional window shapes. The possibilities are endless.

Our Switchable Liquid Glass is a laminated glass with Switchable coated polyester film inside the inter-layer. With the LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) coated film, it allows

light to pass through the glass when the power has switched ON and blocks the flow of light when the power is OFF. You could designate your own glass to any

specification using our industrial equipment to cut,polish, sandblast, toughen, print, edge, drill, and so on.